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    UBM beats RELX in Climate Disclosure!

    I’ve just been informed of some great news and I wanted to share with you.

    As you may know, for the last 5 years UBM has submitted a response to the CDP - Carbon Disclosure Project.


    The CDP has been around for 15years now, initially set up to serve a small number of investors, and since then, their signatory base has grown enormously, to 822 investors with US$95 trillion in assets. And the corporate world has responded to their requests for this information. More than 5,500 companies now disclose to CDP, generating the world’s largest database of corporate environmental information, covering climate, water and forest-risk commodities.

    Each year we have been improving our scoring in the CDP.

    This year we have achieved our best score of 100 B – which is the maximum score for Climate Disclosure - 100%!

    This means that we have become part of the CDP Climate Disclosure Leadership Index

    Reporting year:

    UBM CDP ScoreYear 2010 2011201220132014
    UBM CDP Score59 D79 B80 A88 B100 B

    We have now received the maximum scoring for our disclosure : 100%!

    ‘B’ – corresponds to our performance score, which is related to how much carbon we have managed to reduce over the last year. For 2014 reporting year, we achieved a 3% reduction in carbon emissions and needed at least 4% to reach an ‘A’ score. So there is still room for improvement.

    UBM joins FTSE4Good Index

    I am very pleased to announce that UBM has just achieved FTSE4Good Index status!!

    This is an important global sustainability index, and one that we have been out of the running for over the last few years. However, we are now back in the index, and keen to stay.

    The FTSE4Good Index series is designed to measure the performance of companies demonstrating strong Environmental, Social and Governance practices.

    FTSE assesses companies annually, based the their publically available sustainability information, and scores disclosure across several areas, including: Climate change, Human rights and Community, Labour standards, Anti-corruption and Corporate Governance.