The Hotel and Tourism Market Is Soaring

With the blessing of the triple buff of National Day, October holiday and “the Asian Games +”, the number of bookings and the scale of fulfillment of air tickets, hotels and tickets in popular cities have exceeded the same period in 2019, and the tourism popularity has continued to rise recently. The “door” of outbound tourism has reopened, with an average of 1.477 million daily arrivals and exits during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, an increase of about 2.9 times over the same period last year, and the “2023 Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day Holiday Homestay Consumption Report” shows that the platform’s homestay orders during the National Day holiday reached 4.3 times that of the 2019 National Day holiday.

Rapid recovery and return to normalcy will be the main theme of the Hotel and tourism market.

As the concurrent exhibition of  Hotel & Shop Plus Shanghai(HSP)under the Tourism Plus Shanghai(TPS), the Hotel Brand Investment and Franchise Zone & Hotel Plus Mockup Room Show will be held on March 26-29, 2024 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.

Jointly organized by the Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture and Tourism, China Tourist Hotel Association and Sinoexpo Informa Markets, the Shanghai Tourism Plus is a comprehensive tourism industry expo cluster with the world’s leading scale and concept, covering the entire tourism industry chain of “eating, living, traveling, traveling, shopping and entertainment”, and has become an important business platform to promote the innovation and development of the industry in an all-round way.

The Hotel Brand Investment and Franchise Zone and Hotel Plus Mockup Room Show gathered mockup rooms for more than 70 hotel brands , 500 speakers, and thousands of international representative enterprises in hotel industry to participate in the exhibition, creating a trend activity integrating management concepts, brand promotion, intelligent technology, design creativity, and engineering materials, and focusing on creating a nationally renowned hotel investment and franchise event.

Well-known hotel brands, B&B brands, design companies, integrated brands, and hotel & commercial space enterprises displayed the real scene of model rooms on site, presenting brand diversity and the latest design concepts, and leading the investment and design development trend of hotels and commercial spaces.

Hotel management groups, provincial and municipal tourism bureaus, real estate developers, investment owners, vertical media and other professional audiences gathered together to show the annual investment trend of hotel concept, brand promotion and design creativity.

Highlight Forum & Events 
China Hotel Investment AC Index Forum
China Hotel Brand Culture Festival 
Asia Pacific Hotel Construction and Design Forum
China Hotel Innovation and Empowerment Summit Forum
Hotel Plus Mockup Room Show
B&Bs Culture Festival

In 2024, Hotel & Shop Plus will reach a new level, achieve a new breakthrough in visitor data, and help new and old exhibitors from all over the world to conduct efficient business matching and industry exchanges.

At that time, the exhibition site will bring together more than 2,000+ high-quality exhibitors and innovative products, and a series of professional activities around commercial, design, retail, hotel and other fields!

Explore cutting-edge design, find investment channels, online and offline media exposure……From March 26th to 29th, 2024, Hotel & Shop Plus Shanghai.