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Integrating Online and Offline Platforms

Ushering in New Exhibition Experiences

Shanghai Sinoexpo Informa Markets International Exhibition Co., Ltd. has revamped its Internet strategy by strengthening our online and offline platforms. With our exhibition brands and scale growing stronger, we are putting a greater emphasis on our Internet business. Through timely update of supplier information, we endeavor to communicate in effectively and seamlessly. Combining our online and offline strengths, we help our customers create value sustainably.


—— Professional B2B E-commerce Platform

Jiagle is a B2B platform of the world's leading exhibit-sale enterprises, which is the online extension of Sinoexpo informa markets to off-line professional exhibitions in six major industries. It provides the latest information about furniture, hotel catering, commercial properties, decoration, lighting, cleaning equipment, yacht, RV and other industries, as well as the matching service of supply and purchase demand. The platform gathered 2 million professional buyers and 10 thousands advanced suppliers, which providing online and offline integrated marketing and trade matching services, and achieves the full coverage of domestic and foreign trade through the English-Chinese language platform.

B2B Online platform

It is proud of being the only exhibition and website integrated B2B trade platform in China in terms of the furniture industry

● Average Daily Website Traffic: 100,000 sessions

● Every month we receive more than 10K inquiries from domestic and international buyers, facilitating about 30,000 transactions

Provides buyers and suppliers with a 24-hour service anywhere and anytime, perfectly combining online and offline services.

● Annual total pageview data exceeded 4.48 million

● Annual visitors exceeded 1.7 million

● 3,500 high-quality suppliers, nearly 40,000 high-quality products and 500,000 active users around the world

It is B2B e-commerce platform serving the segment of construction and operation for hospitality and commercial industry.

● More than 5,000 Chinese enterprises using our service

● Average daily active users: 100,000

It has more than 800 high-end brands and enterprises, it provides customers multi-channel, high-valued and centralized display opportunities.

Provides customers with a one-stop professional lighting purchasing platform that covers the whole industry chain.

● Annual total pageview data exceeded 6.33 million

● Annual visitors exceeded 2.74 million

● 3,029 high-quality suppliers and over 40,000 high-quality products


The online matching trade platform of catering and food materials industry helps suppliers, purchasers and investors to find partners and facilitate cooperation.

Committed to providing internet furniture e-commerce solutions for suppliers, with 300 select suppliers, and more than 24,000 products, and providing high-quality services for suppliers in the furniture industry.

Mini Program

EZBuy is an app that helps furniture suppliers find international buyers and for buyers to find quality furniture suppliers

FOOD & BEVERAGE EZBUY is a one-stop online purchasing platform for high-end food, beverage and raw material equipment at home and abroad.

It accesses to high-quality product information of commercial properties and operation, providing trading platform of both sides in the business gathers the whole lighting industry chain, covering exhibition, procurement, business matching, live-streaming forums and other services.


—— Professional B2B online trade platform is a professional B2B online trade platform in vertical industry. Consisting of ‘’ and ‘’, it gathers more than 15,000 quality suppliers and nearly 700,000 professional buyers from APIs, biopharmaceuticals, CMO & CRO, finished dosage formulation, pharma excipients, natural extracts, pharmaceutical machinery, laboratory equipment, pharma environmental protection & clean tech, pharma packaging, food raw ingredients, healthy raw materials, nutrition & health products, packaging & processing machinery and other industries.

Rooted in the industry for many years, we have been adhering to independent innovation to carry out an in-depth layout of  Expanding global horizons and linking international resources, integrating resources of the whole industrial chain to improve service quality comprehensively and build a broad international stage for enterprises.

B2B Online Platform

It is a vertical e-commerce online marketplace focusing on the pharmaceutical industry. Our mission is to connect global buyers with quality suppliers and facilitate easy trade of the pharmaceutical industry.

● Total annual visitors exceeded 48 million; total annual visitors exceeded 25 million

● 100,000+ inquiries received from domestic and foreign buyers in 2019

●  More than 3.6millions products and 430,000 registered members

It collects information of food raw ingredients, healthy raw materials, nutrition and health products, packaging and processing machinery and other industries, serving as an O2O integrated marketing platform.

● Annual total visitors exceeded 13 million

● 5,600 high-quality suppliers, over 110,000 high-quality products and 200,000 active users worldwide


Gathering 200,000 pharmaceutical professionals, 3 million products and 8500+ high-quality suppliers offering one-stop trade solutions!

Mini Program

LAB world (The XXX Mini Program) focuses on laboratory instruments, combining product showcase, online transaction and other useful features.